Fort Whyte Bison Safari

For many, including myself, you may consider Fort Whyte Alive more of a thing you go to on Elementary school field trips rather than an interesting place to visit. However, we enjoyed the Bison Safari which we got to go on twice, once with the general public, and then we got to go on again with the Shaw TV crew.  The second time, the Guide left the gate that cuts off the field into two halves open, and the Bison noticed this. They then stampeded to the other side of the field that was plentiful with grass and other plants to eat.

bison safari

Aviation Museum

The exhibits were cool and our tour guide (a pretty cool older man) took us into one of the big planes. My GOOTB compatriots enjoyed the big plane, and Ben even got to go onto a small training plane. He commented on how he could use the “strobe lights” in the plane to have a 4 person rave.

Benja Flies an Airplane


Ai-Kon was a lot of play, and not much work. Our work was done quickly, and we just explored and enjoyed the con for most of the day. It was far and away the best event that the GOOTB (pronounced Goot-Buh) went to.